[thelist] Javascript Frameworks

Steve Clason stevec at topdogstrategy.com
Fri Nov 19 22:47:28 CST 2010

Simon MacDonald wrote:
> Anyone had any experience of using JQuery vs Mootools - do you have any
> views about which Javascript Framework is the best, or if you have a
> preferred one.

I've used both, jQuery lots more than MooTools. I think someone already 
mentioned they were written to serve different purposes. jQuery makes 
JavaScript easier and more efficient to write, MooTools provides a 
JavaScript OOP interface, making it easier (if you understand OOP) to 
write and economical to use for large applications.

Wordpress "bundles" (as someone said) jQuery and Joomla "bundles" 
MooTools, and since those are the platforms I develop for mostly I found 
myself using both, so set about to learn them both thoroughly (still 
working on that).

I believe you can use jQuery pretty well without really knowing 
JavaScript and that is not the case with MooTools, and, also mentioned, 
there are loads of extensions written for jQuery and many more users.

So my advice, FWIW: stick with jQuery unless you're stoked on OOP and 
desperately miss it when using JavaScript. Consider MooTools for a next 
step once you've gotten comfortable with jQuery.

Steve Clason
Boulder, Colorado, USA

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