[thelist] remove h1 line/entry

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Nov 19 22:56:44 CST 2010

> the_content() doesn't include the title of the post.  Is there is an actual h1 in the content body itself you're trying to remove in this instance
These last couple months have been a long decade.  The answer is yes.  
It's so lovely when you're trying to solve the wrong problem. I figured 
this out about an hour ago, sometime after I followed the link Meshack 
offered.  The purpose is to clean up duplication between what was 
defined as the page title and the h1 in the body.  Since the page title 
is linked I'm keeping that and will at leisure now dispose of the body h1's.

The cheap/dirty fix to make h1 disappear.

#hide_h1 { display:none; }

<div class="entry" id="hide_h1>
<?php the_content('<br />Read more &raquo;'); ?>

For what it's worth I can now mess up Wordpress with the best of em.

Thx, Bob

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