[thelist] Ektron/ASP.NET developer or team needed

Jack Timmons codeacula at codeacula.com
Sat Nov 20 20:46:42 CST 2010

On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 3:14 PM, Joel D Canfield <joel at bizba6.com> wrote:
> Anyone even know anything about Ektron?

Isn't that the new Tron movie coming out?

Or maybe the name of a Transformer.

Is it this .NET framework I'm pulling up? If so, it'd be a lame
Transformer. (Yea, I went there)

I can ask my .NET friend, but I mostly run with the hip, trendy,
confusing, kitchen sink PHP crowd.

Seems kinda neat, provided it delivers what it promises in a non-hokey way.

Jack Timmons
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