[thelist] login/registration type feedback

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Nov 26 08:27:20 CST 2010

Yes I know, asking for opinions is dangerous.  Perhaps usability 
feedback is a better term.

Along with membership type services come login/registration 
forms/styles. Examples:

    * Login/logout/registration box that displays on every page, perhaps
      along the top of the browser, in a left/right column, etc.
    * CSS hidden - you click on button and a sign-in/register box opens;
      a second click and it goes away
    * Modal (or lightbox, etc) style - click on a login/register link
      and it opens up and more/less controls the screen
    * Modal (or lightbox, etc) style - click on the login/register link
      and it opens in a small, less obtrusive box
    * Hidden panel toggle - click on a tab and a hidden panel toggles
      open / closed
    * Sticky box that hugs the footer/elsewhere
    * Other

Providing any/all of the above are tested in different browsers, what 
other concerns might weigh the choice?

- Bob

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