[thelist] Twitter

Mohan Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 23:13:58 CST 2010

>>I have a client who would like a page on their site where people can
>>add to a specially set up Twitter account. I don't use Twitter, but I
>>presume you have to log in like on Facebook, so I'm wondering if this is
>>actually even possible. Has anyone else done something similar or know
>>of an app that does this?

I guess you mean 'where people can follow a specially set up Twitter
You need to get user credentials via Twitter oAuth API and authenticate with
Twitter, Once authenticated, you can make the logged in user follow the
Twitter account in question.
The simplest way to handle this is just put a "Follow us on twitter" button
on the site and link it to the twitter account page
http://twitter.com/#!/your_account_name on where the visitor can then choose
to login+follow.

Mohan Arun

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