[thelist] responsiveness from "the coffee shop"

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Nov 29 08:32:39 CST 2010

I am not sure what a DOS is. Again, this is not the root cause of the 
coffee shop problem, but is something I'm seeing since I started 
tracking load average, http requests and a series of other server 
things.  Several times a week I see these ugly load average spikes, so 
take a look through the logs to try to isolate who/what is the culprit.  
I might see 10-30 connects like the following from the same IP:

tcp        0      0           TIME_WAIT   - 

http://www.countryipblocks.net/tools/search-ips/ and http://www.ip2location.com are helpful in isolating who these connections are coming from but they are not definitive. The connecting from IP is "not" the same every time. Without really digging further I can't tell whether these are legitimate spider type bots or other. 

The VPS server load generally runs at around .3. When the spikes occur it will jump to anywhere from 3-ish to 40-50 and then takes 8-10 minutes to drop to below 1 if it was really high. I am not a network savvy technician, just a guy trying to sort out what is happening and how to manage it.


Alex Beston wrote:
> Bob
> Are you saying that spiders are effectively creating a DOS on your site?

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