[thelist] login/registration type feedback

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 29 09:25:12 CST 2010

Bob Meetin asked about login/logout:

>>Along with membership type services come login/registration 

Hi Bob,

As far as ubiquity, it kinda depends on how you are set up.  If you have content that is available to all visitors and 'enhanced' content for members, there may be more of a need for a login/logout link on all of the pages.  

As far as location, I prefer to have the login/logout link as close to top-left as I can so that it's always on the screen regardless of design or end user resolution. I don't think folks should have to scroll to find the login link.

I'm also kind of partial to the context sensitive links; maybe a tasteful "login" link in green when folks are not logged in and a "logout" link in red appearing on pages once someone is logged in.


{BTW - What are you doing to folks who bookmark pages that can only be reached after login?}

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