[thelist] responsiveness from "the coffee shop"

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Dec 3 09:38:08 CST 2010

Privacy - not so much, but if I post a log file I would genericize it a 
little.  I'm thankful for all the tips, yet at the time I don't have 
time to sort put the puzzle together because of incoming.  Mostly I'm 
gathering. We have I think several different issues in hand:

    * coffee shop and coffee shop network - one would think that
      caffeine would improve performance...
    * internet explorer (yes believe it or not) - pages with large
      tables and thumbnails in abundance (http requests) much slower in
      IE than Firefox
    * hosting service
    * general state of the internet
    * the application - combination of CMS in general and the social
      component in particular
    * bots - looking at the log files I see some bots that makes sense
      and others that I can't really tell whether they are friendly or
      not - even with ip4location.com. Heaven forbid I block an angel in
    * a performance challenged burnt out owner's laptop

The times when the load average has gone through the sky have not yet 
coincided with the coffee shop complaints. Yes I want to fix this, but 
just because.  I have not experienced response problems that coincide 
with the coffee shop either. 

I have considered separating this client onto a separate VPS account - I 
think this would help with the bots load average problem, but I don't 
think for a second this will cure the root cause.

BTW - I have still never figured out why email I send to this list gets 
carriage returns added where they shouldn't. Something in list formatting?


Alex Beston wrote:
> ok, I take youre worried about the privacy issue. not to worry was
> just trying to help

Bob Meetin
dotted i
303-926-0167 (home/business)

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