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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 8 18:10:40 CST 2010

On 2010/12/07 22:27 (GMT-0700) Joel D Canfield composed:

> I've tried all the usual places, including asking the client (who thinks
> it's called 'Trinket' and was installed with Office 2007, but I can't find
> any evidence that such a font exists)

> http://www.spinhead.com/images/sunshine_catering_logo_text.png

> Any thoughts on what font this is? I found one called Murray Hill that's
> close, but not identical.

All glyphs are not identical to each other across sizes. More detail is 
available as dot density increases. Are you sure those you are sampling are 
identical in density and size to the original you're comparing to? Do you 
have any way to know what size the original came from?
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