[thelist] messy IP address/~account and mobile app question

misterhaan misterhaan at track7.org
Fri Dec 10 12:34:19 CST 2010

On 12/10/2010 12:04 PM, Bob Meetin wrote:
> Into the .htaccess I  added various flavors of:
> RewriteRule http://the_live_domain.com 
> [R=301,L]
> RewriteCond ^174.121$
> RewriteRule $  http://the_live_domain.com [R=301,L]
> This latter is a total failure.
> -Bob
The IP/host isn't part of what RewriteRule and RewriteCond look at 
(though you can tell at least RewriteCond to), but I don't think you 
need mod_rewrite here anyway.  How about going simpler?

RedirectPermanent /~the_account/ http://the_live_domain.com/

This assumes you don't actually access 

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