[thelist] Is PayPal Pro Worth It?

Jeff Schweibing cent at webhostingforacent.com
Mon Dec 20 10:11:18 CST 2010

 I have a friend with an Ubercart site. He makes around 4 or 5 sales a 
 month and profits around $150 per sale. He uses Google Checkout and 
 "PayPal Website Payments Standard" but he has had comments from some 
 that PayPal is hard to use. One user who was sent to him (so really 
 wanted to buy) couldn't figure out how to use his CC and emailed for 
 help. We told him to use PayPal and his Amex failed and so again he 
 emailed for help and we told him to use Google and it worked.

 But if he hadn't been sent to the site he probably would have walked 
 away from it.

 Only question is, does it seem that the $30 a month fee is worth it for 
 PayPal Pro? Then he could do onsite CC payments. I guess he would have 
 to make one more sale every 5 months than what he is doing now. Seems 
 reasonable that the ease might encourage another 2 customers a year or 


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