[thelist] registering a .net when .com is held

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Dec 20 12:14:56 CST 2010

I understand that perhaps no one on this list can give legal advice, so 
with that being said... I ask anyway.

I have an idea for a business/site but of course the .com is taken.  
Whether tis .com, .biz, .net etc is immaterial for it to exist.  With 
big business as a competitor you are at risk if you register a version 
of a domain and they have the business living and prospering, name 
recognition, perhaps trademark, etc.

But say that the .com is simply owned, but not built.  Just sitting 
there, perhaps waiting for an offer to sell it, waiting for someone to 
get their druthers together, whatever.  Might be there for years.

In that sense no one has developed name recognition, branding etc.  So 
say I move faster and build mybusiness.net.  Is there any cause for concern?


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