[thelist] PHP Ecommerce Solution

Chris Dorer cdorer at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 09:54:23 CST 2010


I haven't been in the e-commerce trade in a few years, so I've lost touch of
what's good.  I figure I'd see what you guys think:

*What's Trended well in 2010, and has a good future for 2011?*

I'm looking for a solution that:

   - Sells stuff (duh)
   - Rents stuff
   - Integrates with wordpress or drupal, not necessary but would be nice.
   I have no problem using a ZenCart or osCommerce solution and bolt it on to a
   WordPress app.
   - Easy to modify the php code and the code is clean
   - Extendable and will allow for growth



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