[thelist] Script removed by snapshot save in Firefox

Alberto Domingo alberto.domingo at uah.es
Tue Jan 4 04:23:52 CST 2011

Hello everybody,

Do you know about this new behavior of Firefox with javascript?

When I save any page, the contents of all script tags or .js files 
called from the page are replaced by this text (as a comment):

                   Script removed by snapshot save

Does this happen to everybody? Any idea about the origin? (update? 
Plugins? Complements?) Is it possible to disable this feature? (In my 
firefox, of course!! I don't want to break any security of others, 
just save pages as I used to do it).

I am using Firefox 3.6.13 (the latest, I think). I know this is not 
the best forum for a Firefox question, but I couldn't get information 
in any other place.

Thanks in advance.


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