[thelist] Script removed by snapshot save in Firefox

Alberto Domingo alberto.domingo at uah.es
Wed Jan 5 13:12:40 CST 2011

Thanks Sara,

Yes, I did. The problem was that I have 3 profiles active in FF. You 
have to install extensions in every one indeppendently, so I presumed 
it would be the same for uninstalling. But, at least for NoScript, 
this is not the case. You uninstall it from a given profile and you 
dont have it available in that profile, but if it is installed in 
another profile, some of it is still there and this behavior was due 
to that "some". After unistalling NoScript from ALL profiles, everything is OK.

I posted this information in the NoScript forum. Don't know if it is 
a bug or something known.


At 19:13 05/01/2011, you wrote:
> > It is NoScript.
> >
> > I tried before just disabling it, but this action alone did not work.
> > Now I understand why. Using safemode everything works fine.
> >
> > Disabling didn't work. Unintalling didn't work... I had to uninstall
> > NoScript from ALL the different profiles I had in FF.
> > There must be somethig wrong in NoScript. Quite unfortunate, because I
> > like it in general.
> >
> > Do you know if it is possible to eliminate just this feature in
> > NoScript? or any alternative to NoScript?
>Did you disabled the add-on *and* restart Firefox? I know it seems
>obvious, but you never know what someone might miss :)
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