[thelist] Online Marketing Resource

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 08:25:39 CST 2011

> This is precisely what I am talking about. Is marketing the key to the
> next growth phase of his business, or is it a gamble that he isn't
> convinced will have any effect?

Yes, he isn't convinced. He *thinks* it would but he's not convinced, no.

> I know you are implying that the
> important variable here is the skill of the marketeer, but I don't buy
> it. It isn't hard to find a reputable marketeer.

Can you recommend one? Offline or online.


> Because the principles are the same regardless of medium, and they answer your concern about traceability of results.

Makes sense.

> If you want to learn about direct marketing (ie the results-driven end of the business), go to the experts over 40+ years, not the fliy by night snakeoilers.

Good advice. This snakeoil issue is what concerns him a lot I think. :)


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