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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Jan 11 09:08:49 CST 2011

Fred Jones wrote:
> My host provides EZMLM but that tool doesn't store the real names of
> the subscribers, just the email address. Mailman requires root
> privileges to install and this site has simple shared hosting. PHPlist
> is only one-way, i.e. only the admins can send a post to the list.
> Can anyone recommend a tool which I can install on shared hosting,
> which will create group email functionality? The group who wants this
> wants it to be email-only, i.e. no web page browsing required, and
> they want it to be 100% private, i.e. no Yahoo or Google groups. It
> also needs to be monitored, of course, so that membership and posts
> both must pass review by the admin before being accepted.
> EZMLM has all this BUT it doesn't store the real names. We will use
> that, unless someone knows of another tool.
> Thanks,
> Fred
Try dadamail, aka mojomail.

It can be configured to store the list information in a flat file (above 
webroot) or in a database table. It also provides throttling cabability, 
critical for shared servers with common limits of 200-500 messages per 
hour). The more recent releases will store names as well as email 
addresses.  There is an import function for csv I think.  I don't 
remember whether it is called resume or what but there is some 
functionality for managing if the server goes down or the internet 
connection is halted.  Standard folder and file permissions of 755 and 
644 respectively I believe.

Bob Meetin
dotted i
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