[thelist] Invoice and Time Tracking Solutions

Tony Grimes thelist at tonygrimes.com
Fri Jan 14 16:14:07 CST 2011

I think I need an "enterprise" level time tracking and invoicing system.

I've been using Freshbooks for a year or two and it's been great for me and the two other contractors that work for me. But I'm growing and the limitations of FB are beginning to show.

Here's what I need:

The ability to invoice clients multiple rates based on the project or task (FB has this)
The ability to pay contractors multiple rates based on project or task.
The ability for my contractors to invoice me automatically (or easily) without having to figure out what rate they are getting for which project/task.

Does anyone know of any solutions out there that can do this and scale to 10-20 contractors?

Thanks in advance,

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