[thelist] Teach Old Programmer New Tricks

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 06:00:31 CST 2011

> It's a really delicate subject, because, really, who is one to tell another
> to do it or not? And as a friend, it's a catch 22: Yea: False hopes and
> potential failure, Nay: not supportive as a friend.

Yes, those are both exactly my concerns!

> It may surprise some people, but there is still a lot of COBOL code
> still in use. Just a week ago, this story came out:
> http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2011/01/cobols-not-dead-in-the-enterprise.php

Now this is a very interesting idea.

Thanks everyone for all the replies. For the elderly repliers, I hope
it wasn't too much work to type so much, just for me.


OK, sorry. :)

I will send him some of the responses verbatim--there really are good
ideas here.


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