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> What are some programs available on Linux (Ubuntu) for doing relatively
> simple video editing?  What constitutes simple? I have a batch of flash
> videos that were given to me in a single video file, flv.
> I need to be able to segment them into individual files.
> Input .vob, quicktime or .flv
> Output .flv
> It would be a bonus to be able to add an overlay title or image for
> those without, but this is more of a bonus.
> Fade in/out would also be a bonus.
> Simpler the better.
> -Bob


Check the Package Manager in your (sorry, I no longer run Ubuntu)
Administrative (?) menu list, or under the Applications menu selection
for (maybe) maintenance.  Specify "edit video" or just "video" as a
search term, and then check what it turns up.

I had a couple video packages installed at any one time during the
years I was working and playing with Ubuntu, but do not remember the
names atm.  I do recall there being some options, though.  GL

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