[thelist] Do SSL and Visa/MC Seals Help?

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 02:01:52 CDT 2011

> A certain marketing person has suggested to my client that he should
> put seals/logos of Visa and Mastercard and his SSL provider on his
> hosting site. This person says it adds "third party credibility."

> I look forward to any thoughts or actual studies regarding this.

I would recommend split testing it

It could be that at one time these logo helped because people weren't sure
of security, but now they are used to it and they just want clarity.

It might be different in your market.

It could depend where you put the logos and how big they are.

You seem to be reticent because you have a really neat design that it
might mess up. Perhaps there are lots of things that aren't part of your
design that would help with conversion. Testing is how you find out :-)


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