[thelist] how to convince customers not to copy others' content?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Mar 22 02:25:15 CDT 2011

On 03/21/2011 11:22 PM, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Thanks for offering this information!
> On 03/22/2011 11:04 AM, r937 wrote:
>> not sure how much credit you folks in china will give to google (are you even on speaking terms?) 
> Sorry, but unless clients with western background, otherwise generally we ignore google. If you bring up google as the topic, the client immediately ask "What does Baidu do in this case?" and that's the decisive part. Pity...
My experience is pretty much with Western search engines, but I'd imagine that many employ the same philosophy that they favor high quality, original content.  I subscribe to the highrankings.com SEO forum and most of the posts which I've read on this topic will tell you that if it's duplicate content, that although it won't necessarily get penalized as some people believe that it may get indexed but it will not or should not get the same priority as original content.

Sometimes you see services that offer packages for business types like tax and accounting.  They sell you on the philosophy that they give you lots of canned content to make your website appear very full.  However, since they're selling the same content to hundreds, perhaps thousands or others, this pre-built content has very little value.

By the way, you mentioned Baidu.  I sometimes see it indexing some of my sites and wondered what it was as I have to monitor for spambots that cause load average problems.  Is it a good bot?  Tell us more if you will?


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