[thelist] Using Flash on a website

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Mar 23 01:42:51 CDT 2011

On 03/23/2011 12:12 AM, Steven Streight wrote:

> I agree that all Flash websites are horrible usability in most cases that
> I've seen.
> But Flash is useful for video like YouTube. If your iPhone doesn't render
> Flash objects, you're severely restricted in viewing videos.
I do UNIX/Linux not because I am systems administration type but because I really love working on the command line, ftp, vi, etc. Someone mentioned earlier of occasional problems getting flash to work on alternate OS.  I just built a dual boot laptop to take on a trip.  In spite of the fact that I installed it, Flash player, it is not displaying so I need to figure out what I did on my desktop 2+ years back to make it work.

When it works it's great. I use it exclusively for videos, no flash sites.  For one of my clients I licensed a commercial player with an administrative control panel to handle playlists, HD FLV Player for Joomla. It is genuinely wonderful, worth the bucks.  For video conversion I use command line mencoder or ffmpeg.

Part of the problem you encounter with flash sites is one of additional maintenance, the other big part is SEO. Joel I did hear you but I doubt it's that simple or perhaps you have some alternate text functionality? Still, text is text.  Ma & Pa shop clients with small budgets see the stuff and make assumptions that it's simple simple.  Usability is never their concern.  Make me a site like this one, ... . Discussions become longer, etc.  Now make it work on my iPod, whatever.  Now put me at the top of the search engines.  More discussion, etc... MS just came out with a new browser, why doesn't my website display correctly?

Yadda yadda education yadda.  Here comes the splitting headache.  Simple is good!


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