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Mohan Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 20:25:26 CDT 2011

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>I'm looking through options to manually process an email list stored in a
MySQL table and
>send an embeded HTML newsletter to list members.  I'd like to get away from
using a >program or application if possible and implement a php script.  I'm
googling for scripting >options as well. Does anyone have a ready-made
script that you're willing to share?  Or >point me to a tutorial.  Thx.

Hello Bob,

Here's a ready-made script
Simply put similar code inside an iteration of email addresses
usig for each loop or equivalent.

You could better if you take export of the names and emails
from the database and use third party to process the email list.

For less than 500 email addresses here's a free option

Mailchimp lets you send up to 2000 email addresses for free.

Can also use this

Or use Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

- Mohan Arun
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