[thelist] QR Codes

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 19 14:50:49 CDT 2011

Randal Rust noted:

>>That's it right there -- perceived value.

Hi Randal!

I disagree a bit.  I think a QR code on a physical real estate sign in front of a listing *does* have value.  I've stopped in front of a number of homes for sale to grab flyers out of the box ... and found the boxes to be empty.  I've fumbled around looking in my car for paper and pencil to write down the address to check out on real estate sites later ... and mostly come up with blunt and broken golf pencils.  ;-(   In those cases a QR code might have come in handy ... if I had a phone that recognized those.

* I think they might also provide extra value on those fairly worthless 'for sale' signs you see posted _OUTSIDE_ gated communities.

On a webpage?  Yeah, agreed, they are worthless.

But I think they have value for physical media, even if it's only for marginal edge cases.  [Hey, that's me!]


(BTW - It wouldn't be a big deal to set these up to track effectivity, would it?)

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