[thelist] QR Codes

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 19 16:03:46 CDT 2011

Prognosticator Joel D Canfield noted:

>>practical? dunno; what if they're looking at a shared computer (over
>>someone's shoulder, in a public venue, whatever,) see the QR code, and want
>>to research it on their mobile device? what's the faster/easier/more
>>practical method?

Oy!  I'm sure you're probably right Joel.  Sounds like we'll end up bombarded with QR and NFC codes in all forms of video advertising.  Embed a 10% off coupon in a national television ad?  No problem.  Free trial signups?  Easy.  Heck, you could probably use these for a geocaching style game by embedding clues to the next code location.

On the plus side, I imagine these codes will make it much easier to rickroll folks too!


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