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Mohan Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 21:43:39 CDT 2011

>Twitter - when I got into it about 2 years back, really into it, both
contributing genuine >value-ad, not just crud redirecting readers to my
latest scheme, I was getting positive >results.  Then I got busy,
distracted, what not and fell out of the stream.  It takes real effort to
>make this stuff work, thinking long-term, not short-sighted.  In my all too
copious spare time >I do plan to re-engage, but just way to many projects
and educational efforts cloud that >picture.  Then of course there's
Facebook, Facebook connect, etc and the spinning head.

I am not sure myself how twitter is valuable either, but I think lot of
people have high expectations of twitter, tryin to see it as a marketing
tool where you can measure ROI etc by way of clicks/visits generated. It is
intended to be a fun way of sharing status updates (getting to know what
people do in near-realtime) and a novel concept of getting to follow people
that may not otherwise 'friend' you on facebook.

As for QR codes, they look like harried blotches of ink to me, I am more in
like with the geometrical neatness of the barcode. They should have adopted
barcode for use in smartphones so you could for example, scan a barcode of a
product in a supermarket and immediately be presented with its origin.

- Mohan
Blog: http://www.mohanarun.com

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