[thelist] Photo Sharing Database

r937 rudy at r937.com
Wed May 25 12:29:43 CDT 2011

> I am unsure of how to link the tables to ensure that
> each student is linked properly to their albums

you're actually already doing it, it's done here --

  FOREIGN KEY (album) REFERENCES Students (s_id)

> and that the photos are linked properly to the student
> and the specific album.

that's done here --

  FOREIGN KEY (photo) REFERENCES Albums (a_id)

each photo belongs to a specific album, and each album belongs to a specific 

> Also, I would like to store the photos in the database,
> not a filing system.  Will this create problems with archiving?

most people advise against this because of performance issues and the 
difficulty of serving the image as an image after retrieving it in your 
SELECT query that pulls it out of the database

you're actually all set up to do it --


go ahead, give it a shot, there are some benefits to doing this


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