[thelist] jquery clickable slider

David Miller david at deadpansincerity.com
Sun Jun 5 14:28:27 CDT 2011

> The issue is that the scroller do not provide linkable slides.
This does not prevent you from adding links. See other mails in this thread.

> So I am trying to add
> it myself. I have added the following to the javascript:
> $('#slider').click(function(){window.location.href = "$('a').each('href')";
> });

Leaving aside for a second the way that this specific jQuery plugin works

I believe you are misunderstanding

* the window.location object
* jQuery's each() function
* Strings in Javascript
* Possibly hyperlinks?

I would advise reading and understanding the following pages and then seeing
if you can understand why those two lines of javascript don't work:


Love regards etc

David Miller
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