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I dont know why, this did not get through. Here it is again

Tracking spammers

Here is my take on what I would start searching from.

== My opinion ==
I tend to say that using the password as an element to detect a registrant as a spammer is unreliable. 

First, ethical issue, then, we, tech savy people, teach [non tech savy] friends and family to have better passwords.

I don't know where your research went so far but here is some places I might look onto:

== Patterns ==
- run a dictionary check on username it doesnt happen often, when user has right to decide username, to pick something non human

- Keep track of IP and check if IP did not try already some time ago

- Use MX check on user email domain provider then try to send email to it and require user email confirmation from a generated URL (obvious but good filter I think)

- Use Facebook connect. If there is a session opened and the username doesnt fit at all with user. Remove validity points

== Open source utilities == 
- SpamAssassin
They provide a suite of testing tools and scoring system. I think you could be able to use the engine as a filter and pass your registration fields through it like we do with mail servers there is lots of documentation.

== Webservices ==

- Get API access to Relay Black Lists they could give some hint on spammer networks. Do not use as hard evidence because it's SMTP IP addresses and not actual users

- Try to see what WordPress has done with their Akismet, they provide professionnal API and they work well on comments on blogs

- ReCaptcha is a captcha provider. Could be useful. Why re-creating captcha system.

Others to check out
- BlogSpam.net  and Mollum --  Guys at empire avenue came in Montreal at ConFoo/PHPQuebec meetup and mentioned this service. I heard about them yesterday. Cannot talk about it.

Off topic for a second: 

== ConFoo ==
A web techno conference from the PHP, ruby, java, Javascript usergroup communities Happening in montreal in Feb-March 2012.

We are about to open call for speakers if you are interrested, send a mail to board at confoo.ca

Cheers Guys



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