[thelist] Firefox 4.0

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Tue Jul 12 06:49:40 CDT 2011

Hi Folks,


Like many web developers I use Firefox (and Firebug) for development. I'm
running FF4.0 on Win 7 Ultimate (32bit). I'm really getting fed up with the
performance of FF4 - it's slow, it hangs up, and crashes at least a couple
of times a day. It's got to the point where I use Chrome for general
surfing, and just use FF 'cos I want to use Firebug. I've gone to the
Mozilla support site and turned on the crash reporter - I can't find any


Is it my laptop that's the issue - it's about 4 years old - 2gb RAM. Or is
FF4 just crap. Anyone else having issues?






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