[thelist] Firefox 4.0

Symeon Charalabides symeon at systasis.com
Tue Jul 12 07:20:28 CDT 2011

FF's memory and CPU footprint has been growing steadily since v3 and that's become and issue for more and more users, as witnessed by FF's year-long plateau in market share now. Apparently, the next version will attempt to tackle that:


I don't have any problems with FF on my 4-year-old laptop, but:

- I don't keep any more programs/windows than I need open
- It runs XP
- It has 3GB of RAM (4 really, but XP only sees 3)

As others have advocated, Chrome is a great alternative for web development. But I do a lot of front-end work and the Web Developer add-on is pretty indispensible to me.

>  Like many web developers I use Firefox (and Firebug) for development. I'm
>  running FF4.0 on Win 7 Ultimate (32bit). I'm really getting fed up with the
>  performance of FF4 - it's slow, it hangs up, and crashes at least a couple
>  of times a day. It's got to the point where I use Chrome for general
>  surfing, and just use FF 'cos I want to use Firebug. I've gone to the
>  Mozilla support site and turned on the crash reporter - I can't find any
>  resolution.
>  Is it my laptop that's the issue - it's about 4 years old - 2gb RAM. Or is
>  FF4 just crap. Anyone else having issues?

Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)

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