[thelist] Firefox 4.0

Viggie viggie at viggie.com
Thu Jul 14 01:05:00 CDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-07-13 at 17:46 +0100, Simon MacDonald wrote:

> This has been a hard decision for me - but if future releases of FF are good
> then -  I'll be back 

FF was helpful & a breath of fresh air when IE was lagging.  But then
IE4 was such a breeze when we moved away from Netscape.

Chrome is my default browser, but still prefer 'Web Developer' & FireFTP
(it works even in a client site which had 1000s of files in main folder
- Filezilla struggled) in FF.  I'm using FF less & less, but even then I
cannot abandon IE altogether (needed for testing!). 

So all 4 major browsers live in my PC.  It's Chrome, FF, Opera, IE (only
in windows), in that order.  Now FF is in 2nd place.  Wouldn't mind
swapping to first place if it improved.  But right now Chrome deserves
first place for speed & simplicity.

Just my views!

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