[thelist] ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Who can convert this simple table layout to CSS?

confusticate at gmail.com confusticate at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 01:14:26 CDT 2011

> And did you try Geoff's recommendation?
> > Make a 500px wide 1px tall #C2E0F8-coloured png and put it as
> > the background, centered and repeating-y, on the body. That way
> > it will 'stretch' as you require.
> I might be misunderstanding, but wont something like that work for you?

Because the body already has a repeating background (the dark grey pattern),
I didn't think Geoff's recommendation would be possible for this design. I
would be very pleased to find out that it would be possible to use both
images somehow. I also tried applying Geoff's recommendation to a container
div. ie, the body retains its dark grey pattern background, and the
container div has the 500px wide etc png background. Unfortunately, the
header image has transparency, and the container div background was visible
through it.

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