[thelist] single user virtual dektop

Casey Crookston CaseyCrookston at savvysherpa.com
Fri Aug 12 15:51:40 CDT 2011

So, twice in the last four weeks my hard drive on my laptop has been fried.  The first time my wife dropped my laptop, the second time my two year old shoved it off the table.  I had everything backed up via an online service so nothing vital was lost, other than the time to but a new hard drive, re-install all the apps, and download all my files... (and some choice cuss words and a few angry clients who I told would have to wait a few more days to have their project complete).

I can go out and get another laptop or hard drive, but it's only a matter of time before this happens again.  My idea: find a way to develop on the could.  Ideally, I would have access to my own virtual Windows desktop on which I would have all my development tools.  The only problem is that I have yet to find a service that offers this for 1 individual that is even close to being cost effective.  Most virtual host companies are geared towards companies with 50+ users.  When I ask about 1 user they respond with confusion.  I have to explain several times that I only want ONE (1) virtual desktop, and when that finally registers, they say, "Oh, that's not what we really do."

I can't be the only person who has looked for this service before.  Does anyone know of such a service?



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