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Zachary Kent zachary.kent at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 21:02:35 CDT 2011

There are some good desktop virtualization tools out there.  I once used
MojoPac by Ringcube and it ran my XP OS and apps off of a USB drive.
However they pretty much abandoned MojoPac for vDesk and Ringcube has been
bought by Citrix.


On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Casey Crookston <
CaseyCrookston at savvysherpa.com> wrote:

> So, twice in the last four weeks my hard drive on my laptop has been fried.
>  The first time my wife dropped my laptop, the second time my two year old
> shoved it off the table.  I had everything backed up via an online service
> so nothing vital was lost, other than the time to but a new hard drive,
> re-install all the apps, and download all my files... (and some choice cuss
> words and a few angry clients who I told would have to wait a few more days
> to have their project complete).
> I can go out and get another laptop or hard drive, but it's only a matter
> of time before this happens again.  My idea: find a way to develop on the
> could.  Ideally, I would have access to my own virtual Windows desktop on
> which I would have all my development tools.  The only problem is that I
> have yet to find a service that offers this for 1 individual that is even
> close to being cost effective.  Most virtual host companies are geared
> towards companies with 50+ users.  When I ask about 1 user they respond with
> confusion.  I have to explain several times that I only want ONE (1) virtual
> desktop, and when that finally registers, they say, "Oh, that's not what we
> really do."
> I can't be the only person who has looked for this service before.  Does
> anyone know of such a service?
> Thanks,
> Casey
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