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Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 13:53:54 CDT 2011

Answering on "Casey Crookston" and "Luther, Ron"wrote:

> Casey Crookston asked about remoting into the cloud:
>>> (...) My idea: find a way to develop on the could.  
> (...)
>>> Ideally, I would have access to my own virtual Windows desktop on which I would have all my development tools.  
> "Luther Ron":
> How about a teeny tiny little cloud? 
> I'm thinking more like a home network where you could put a largish drive in a cheap tower box, tuck it away in a 'safe' location at home, and load your software and development system on that box.  Then use your laptop as kind of a thin client to remote into the hidden tower.
> (...)

"Renoir Boylanger" answer:

 personally did exactly the same for years (2007-2010). I had a development VM under Ubuntu Linux with all configurations and some scripts to automate the startup of my remote work X-Window applications and tunel innitialisation.

I had a tower at home, hidden, that would do the same as my virtual desktop VM at work. So I could switch seamlessly to work from home using work's VPN tunnel.

I wrote many articles (in french) about it:


Hope this helps.

For the french, sorry, I use my first language to document, hope google translate will help you guys



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