[thelist] Your opinion: managing clients who miss deadlines

Francis Marion francis.marion at sfroy.com
Wed Sep 7 15:21:43 CDT 2011

Hi, I'm hoping for your opinion.

Currently I and several managers in my company are experiencing issues where some clients don't deliver materials on time. When the project starts, we make agreements about delivery dates and so on, with the understanding that they'll deliver the goods (copy, images, logos, information, etc) when they say they will. Many, however deliver them past the agreed upon times, or, we have to hound them for materials, which irritates both parties. 

Yes, I understand that business moves at it's own pace, but it also prevents us, sometimes, from meeting our deadlines (read: keeping our word). And what's worse, is that coming in with the materials say, three days later, doesn't mean that the project is delivered three days later, because we have those days blocked for other clients, so that sends in into a tizzy of re-scheduling etc.

Generally, it contributes to missed schedules and unnecessary stress on all sides.

I'm soliciting ideas and opinions on how to deal with this kind of issue in a way that is respectful, flexible, but not a nuisance to us or our other clients, and that is similarly respectful to the client who is usually bang on, but has the rare stuff-happens lapse. In the future, we have the potential of adding some sort of clause to the contract, or at the very least some form of notice, but I'm not sure how to handle our long-time clients, or clients whose projects are already active.

What do you think?


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