[thelist] Your opinion: managing clients who miss deadlines

Francis Marion francis.marion at sfroy.com
Wed Sep 7 21:36:32 CDT 2011

Interesting. How would you, as the client respond to such an offer?

I for one would hurry my butt off, but I'm motivated by money. Some are motivated by ego, or insecurity, or a sense of perfection, or creativity, or relationships.

But I find this a very interesting idea. Needs some finessing, but it appeals to me.

On 2011-09-07, at 9:45 PM, Brian Cummiskey wrote:

> Money talks.   set a Deliverables date and contract out incentives.
> Every day before, $100 off the project.
> day of - as agreed price.
> Every day after, $100 added to the project for delay of game.

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