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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Fri Sep 9 03:53:49 CDT 2011


I use an old copy of dreamweaver - but purely as a code editor - I don't use
any of the generated code. Having said that I find I'm using Notepad++ more
and more.

I've tried GUI  generators and feel the same way you do.

For GUI design I make screen mock-ups using the Xara Designer vector
graphics tool, some folk use Photoshop, but I think Xara is better suited to
making mock-ups. I can export the designs to a pdf which I can send to my

I have my own collection of basic templates and I'm sufficiently confident
with my CSS skills such that I can usually convert an agreed mock-up in a
few hours - depends how complex it is and if there is any other widgetry
involved -e.g. slideshows, overlays etc.



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>>Someone posted on another thread about using dreamweaver.  I used it a
>>bit a few years ago for a seminar, but in general I've never used gui
>>builders.  While the results can be perfect, when I read the code (html
>>and javascript) behind the page, it is distasteful and less than
>>elegant.  I used wxpython to make a user interface awhile back and
>>rapidly dropped it to write the code myself because the generated code
>>wasn't elegant.
>>I'm perfectly willing to admit I'm a nut though;)
>>I'm the same way about C/C++ python, assembler--I don't use IDEs
>>although I've learned a few through the years.  I'm a vi command line
>>make sort of guy.
>>So I was just wondering.  How many of you gals/guys use GUIs to design
>>your pages and how many don't?  If you don't, why not?  If you do, and
>>you've been in the business for awhile, why do you?
>>I know that with me, I always want to understand exactly what's going
>>on, and I want things to be done in the most simple, elegant, and
>>beautiful way.  The thought of handing control over to a GUI while I
>>just push GUI elements around makes no sense to me.  It feels like
>>trying to move a chain by pushing on one end.
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