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On 2011/09/09 07:28 (GMT-0400) Renoir Boulanger composed:

> I am doing web since the dark ages.  I tried the GUI (Homesite pro, WebExpert, Dreamweaver MX) at the begining and found the power of writing all by myself.

> The most enlightment wen I started reading W3C drafts and WCAG documentation.

> I write and know html/css by heart ever since.

> Regarding tools. I dropped Windows from my life in 2003 and use purely Linux, vi, gedit, since then. I can say that I am actually lost when I use a GUI. I even test mySQL query in a terminal.

> My actual favourite tools are now:
> - symfony framework for PHP
> - GEdit (GNOME editor) for CSS
> - Compass+SCSS (SASS) for CSS
> - Netbeans for Javascript/PHP
> - vi all the rest
> - always a terminal opened for watching symfony development execution log and SASS compilation watcher

> What are yours?

Norton Commander had a built in editor before OS/2 & Windows gave PC users a 
GUI to use, so that must be when I picked up the habit of using only OFM 
editors for plain text file editing. I was also using Xenix and writing 
scripts back then, but can't remember whether those Altos Xenix machines 
provided something besides vi & ex that I used instead, but they didn't have 
Midnight Commander, which I use for about 99% of editing on Linux now. 
Editing on OS/2 & Windows I use FC/2 & FC/W, whose editor I like better than 
MC's. If FC/Linux had an ncurses version I'd be using it on Linux as well, 
but so far it requires X, which kills several OFM hotkeys I use routinely.
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