[thelist] Best Linux install for home development server?

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Wed Sep 14 06:19:50 CDT 2011

Hi Folks,


Currently my development server is my laptop - a 4 year old HP running win 7
ultimate, 2gb ram, 250gb disk. I run Apache and MySQL on it, plus graphics
tools and lots of other crud.

I also have about 4TB of NAS on my home network for backups and multimedia


The laptop is  now pretty much full and running out of space, and I need to
re think my home office strategy.


I still want to use my laptop as my main development tool - running editors
and some graphics, but I want (I think), to move  apache, mysql and anything
else suitable off onto a desktop server running Linux. I did dabble in Linux
about 10 years ago - I used Redhat, I think, but Linux has moved on greatly
since then.


Sooo, my questions are:


1.       What is the best Linux install to go for - I was considering

2.       Being used to Windows, I'm not sure what sort of hardware
specifiication I should be looking for to run this setup - 4gb ram and 1Tb
sata disk, probably, but not sure what processor to go for.


Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.






Simon MacDonald


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