[thelist] Firefox / Latency / Graying out

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Sep 15 02:08:26 CDT 2011

The last reasonable version of FF I used was FF3.6.

I've certainly had these problems with FF 4. Disabling development addons
like Firebug improves things, but having lots of tabs open for a long time
and the performance of FF gradually degrades to the point of uselessness. 

I moved to Chrome which is certainly faster, but Firebug lite for Chrome
ain't as good as the full deal. So I've recently been trying FF6. This seems
to be an improvement over FF4. Still getting  problems though with random
crashes and greying/freezing. Better, but FF still appears to be a
resource/memory hog with memory leaks chewing up the RAM

I'm hoping that FF7 will be the goods with the first implementation of its
Memshrink project, which aims to improve memory consumption by between
20%-50% and will hopefully improve performance and stability. There is a
beta available but I haven't tried it yet. 


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