[thelist] User link following strategies

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sat Sep 17 07:38:33 CDT 2011

Hi everyone

I'm curious about what strategies people use when trying to learn from
link-rich websites, either anecdotal (what do you do) or if anyone knows
of any research.

For instance, here http://drupal.org/start following RTFM rules, I might
download the software and then read all the text files that come with
that. Each of those has links to more documents, so I should really read
those. And this page, I'd want to look at each of these:
    Installation guide
    Site building guide
    Theming guide
    Understanding Drupal
    Structure guide
each of which will lead to more documents.

In order to manage that, I'm in the habit of printing out each page,
reading it and crossing off the links I've followed, and implementing the
advice as I go.

That's patently ridiculous.

So .. who's got a better idea?

(BTW, I have a first class Internet Computing degree and this is the best
I can manage, so I'm either thinking about it too much, or heaven help
everyone else).

I like building link-rich sites. I'm hoping to get some ideas about how to
build them better to create more usable sites.

All the best

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