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John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Mon Sep 19 15:37:34 CDT 2011

Yes, using Firefox on Linux the sliding windows worked on 'our services',
then didn't work on 'about us' and haven't worked thereafter. I cleared
cookies and that didn't fix it.

How many sliding windows should there be on the about us page? I'm just
seeing one.

OK, using Epiphany (another browser), 'our services' works, the About Us
page displays content (that didn't happen with Firefox). Back to 'our
services', works, back to 'about us' and it's jammed again, and



> Hi all, I am relatively new to this list, so it is very well possible that
> this is a breach to the list-etiquette, if so, let me know and...
> apologies!
> I just went online with a small webiste and the owner is complaining about
> the javascript freezing on the site.
> I had this happening in an earlier stage of developpment and then it
> disappeared, so I assumend it was due caching.
> If you would have a look and tell me if you experience any issue, I would
> very much appreciate it.
> The issue is that the horizontally sliding tabs on the site sometimes seem
> to stop working (as if the script stopped executing). I have not been able
> to see a pattern as when it happens so far.
> http://www.dogroompetcare.com/
> thaks for any comment
> Eva

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