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Norman Eisenberg norman at sgmscorp.com
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The easiest program to do that in is Camtasia, you can edit any video you
wish, add titles, audio replays (if you take the time) and do many things.
Or you can use Adobe Visual communicator which is a little more difficult to
use but you can get the same or better results.
The online editing would probably have to be done on the cloud or thru an
online service which you have to pay a monthly fee to. But why would he want
to edit on line, it is so much easier to edit on your on pc/tablet and then
upload .. N

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I have a set of various applications that run on Windows, Linux etc for
creating/editing videos.  This won't work, as the client is looking for an
online application which he can set up for his clients to use where they can
upload videos and edit online. And for good reason he wants to get them all
on the same page for creating videos; this would simplify maintaining
tutorials, help docs, training, etc.

It is also possible that they would like this application/service to be able
to create raw videos from webcams or perhaps record actions on the desktop.

Any suggestions?


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