[thelist] Basic ecommerce at short notice

Mohan Arun shackit3 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 02:32:34 CDT 2011

 My client [...] now needs to have the ability to sell their product online
within a week, even if branding and UX integration aren't their best.
Is this the walk in the park I expect it to be? Are there easier options?

Possibly easier option:
Use plug and play shopping cart system which works with single line
of code

If using Wordpress:
Wordpress shopping cart plugin

Possibly easier option:
"Vendder.com seamlessly adds storefront capabilities to any website or blog
with just a few lines of code. It does that by adding a “Store” button; when
clicked, it dims the background page and overlays a brightly lit store"

Mohan Arun

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