[thelist] mobile expectation

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Oct 31 10:41:06 CDT 2011

Mobile methodology/expectation feedback.

I specialize in joomla cms, some others on the list drupal, wordpress, etc. I'll try to make this question general.

With Joomla, there are now theme designer/developers who include mobile adaptations of the themes.  There is also a 3rd party mobile-joomla extension that does something similar for older themes. In general (very general) what they do is to take and convert the main menu to a very simple tree type menu that is simple for mobile viewers to navigate.  You may be able to add a footer menu or other if you wish. Some are pre-configured to either disable or perhaps convert/optimize images to make them more accessible for mobile devices. You may end up with a really really simple and fast mobile version of the site but less functionality.

You may even get some alternate domain specific to: Smartphone, iPhone/iPod, WAP, iMode
And set specific site layouts for: handheld, iPhone, android

Although I never use it in real life, I purchased a used iPod, just to see... It displays pretty similarly to the Firefox user agent switcher tool.

There is also a Mobile / Desktop function which if enabled lets the viewer choose to view the real McCoy, the true Desktop version.  Nothing like lost of options and standards to choose from.

The questions -

What is the general expectation of users of mobile devices?
What is a real expectation of what they view in Desktop mode?

Do you quote extra for mobile-ready?

Maybe some more questions when my mind clears.  Other thoughts?


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