[thelist] Tax rules to destroy the entrepreneur..

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Nov 1 12:27:41 CDT 2011

Well, er... I connected with my tax guy regarding the drop-shipping from out-of-state warehouses part of this puzzle.  What he said in general terms is that if you have a true physical presence in one of these other states where the drop-ship warehouses exist, then you are subject to that state's sales tax rules.  I heard this wrong from my client the first time around.  This is very good news.

Some of the other rules within Colorado and perhaps others concerning home-rule cities and such are still messy as tax rules/regulations are somewhat archaic and haven't transitioned into the world of eCommerce.  As a business owner you can attempt to follow the letter of the law and drive yourself nuts in bureaucratic paperwork, registering and filing myriads of quarterly zero returns in advance of making sales or make practical choices.  No legal advice intended.


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