[thelist] mobile expectation

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 2 10:58:22 CDT 2011

Bob Meetin asked about mobile expectations ...

>>What is the general expectation of users of mobile devices?

Hi Bob,

I'm just a mobile noob [1], but I still expect things to work.  So far the biggest annoyance, as already mentioned, is that fly-out on-hover menu navigations don't work.  So I have to look up the complete url on another machine and then type it in manually on the TouchPad if I want to get someplace like the comics page of the San Jose Mercury News ... because I can't navigate to there from the main page.

(Yeah, I suppose I might be able to load their 'app'.  Assuming they even have one.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of interest in cluttering up the machine with bunches of site specific apps.)

The other annoyance is that you can't easily play Sudoku or work a Crossword puzzle.   ;-(

Oooooh! ... Just plugged in some powered external speakers.  Obviously it cuts down the mobility but Wow, what a difference with the sound!  And they were just sitting there taking up space on my desk anyway ...

Np: The Tubes - White Punks on Dope.


[1] I've had my 'fatboy' HP Touchpad less than a month now.  Overall I'm very pleased with it.

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